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What is Wonderland?

Wonderland DAO is a DeFi protocol focused on venture capital investments, yield maximizing market strategies, and expanding the utility of the Web3 and DeFi ecosystem by building custom investment products and partnering with growing projects that lay foundations for the future.
Members represent their vote in the governance of the protocol and access their share of the treasury with our native token, wMEMO. Each wMEMO token is backed by a basket of assets in the treasury, a fluid portfolio managed by the community and expert traders elected by the community to seek out the most lucrative and effective strategies in the ecosystem.
Wonderland DAO works to grow the intrinsic value of each wMEMO through market participation to provide long term value accrual, but also provides a continuous stream of tokens to members who stake their wMEMO into The Farm. As our strategies generate new assets, a portion of these new tokens are distributed to members through the farm so members can utilize these assets themselves - providing a unique opportunity for new investors to gain experience interacting with the market alongside us.

What is the point of Wonderland?

Build capital and deploy it. Distribute the benefits to members and enjoy the ecosystem we helped build together.

How it works:

Wonderland is a decentralized autonomous organization controlled by its governance token, wMEMO. To participate in the DAO, users need to buy wMEMO tokens from the open market. These tokens can be used to vote on protocol proposals and direct the future of the project. They can also be staked in a revenue sharing contract to benefit from the treasury performance.

1. Purchase wMEMO

To join the DAO, purchase wMEMO on the open market. You can find a trading pair on KyberSwap on the Avalanche Blockchain.

2. Revenue Stream

To benefit from the DAO’s treasury performance, stake your wMEMO in the Farm. wMEMO holders will periodically receive token streams.

3. DAO Governance

wMEMO holders can participate in Wonderland DAO governance. Active participants can voice their opinion and vote on capital allocations and Wonderland Improvement Proposals.

Who created Wonderland?

Wonderland was co-founded by Daniele Sestagalli, 0xSifu and Georgiyxo.
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