Here you will be able to find the Contracts for our products!


Find the TIME token address here.


Find the MEMOries token address here.


wMEMO is a wrapped version of MEMO. Users can wrap their MEMO into wMEMO, and receive their rebase as an increase in the value of wMEMO rather than an increase in the amount of MEMO.

wMEMO can be used as collateral on UwU Lend as well as bridged towards other chains.

wMEMO contract on Avax: 0x0da67235dD5787D67955420C84ca1cEcd4E5Bb3b

wMEMO contract on FTM (Low Liquidity): 0xddc0385169797937066bbd8ef409b5b3c0dfeb52

wMEMO contract on ETH (Low Liquidity): 0x3b79a28264fC52c7b4CEA90558AA0B162f7Faf57

wMEMO contract on Arbitrum (Low Liquidity): 0xecf2adaff1de8a512f6e8bfe67a2c836edb25da3


Find the Wonderland Treasury addresses here. Note that Zapper does not detect all of our unvested tokens.

Revenue Share - Farm

Find the contract for the Revenue Share Farm on DeBank.


Find the contract for the quarterly redemptions here.

Multisig Wallets

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