Who is currently part of the Wonderland team?

In January 2023, the DAO voted to establish a new management structure.

  • Visionary: 0xSifu

  • Communications Officer: Alice

  • Financial Officer: ruian

    • Treasury Operators: Deal and The Ferengi

  • Operations Officer: Bamchicka

  • Technical Officer: Catalyst

See [WIP #32] for more information on this proposal and the current management structure.

Who is on the DAO multisig?

The current members of the multisig are Dafacto (Head of Product at Aurora), SkyHopper (former Wonderland TM and head of Bastion Trading), Vayu (Wonderland comms team), Dark Knight (senior active community member), and two anonymous, neutral, third-party signers that have been internally doxxed. It is a 3/6 multisig on all chains.

What is the difference between MEMO and wMEMO?

MEMO is the unwrapped version of wMEMO and the staked version of TIME. wMEMO is “wrapped MEMO”. This token represents your full, undivided share. wMEMO is multichain, available cross-chain on Ethereum and Fantom.

What is the current ratio between MEMO and wMEMO?

As rebases have ended, the final ratio is now: 1 wMEMO = 2339.3522 MEMO.

What about the TIME token?

TIME and MEMO were deprecated in January 2022. Please wrap your tokens to wMEMO.

What about rebases?

Rebases were stopped as part of [WIP #17] on the 13th of August, 2022.

Should I wrap my MEMO?

You are not required to wrap your MEMO. However, you will need to wrap first before utilizing it:

  • wMEMO has liquidity for swapping.

  • wMEMO can be bridged cross-chain to Ethereum and Fantom.

  • wMEMO can be utilized on other protocols such as UwU Lend or Glacier!

How do I wrap my MEMO?

Enter app.Wonderland.money and connect your wallet. Click the “WRAP” button in the top right corner. Input the MEMO amount you want to wrap. You will need some AVAX for gas. Approve the transaction. Click again to confirm the Wrap. Import the wMEMO contract address into your wallet.

How is the Backing Price calculated?

The backing price = (current value of the treasury) / (number of wMEMO tokens in circulation).

Where can I buy/sell wMEMO?

We recommend using Kyber to swap your tokens!

Stuck on loading?

Try clearing your browser cache and/or resetting your MetaMask.

Where can I buy/sell wMEMO?

Due to the ongoing circumstances surrounding Multichain, wMEMO liquidity has been pulled from Mainnet at this time. A concentrated amount of liquidity is available for swapping on Avalanche network through Kyberswap. Bridging wMEMO is not advised at this time; however, an in-house solution is in the works and will be announced shortly!

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